Dave and John discuss the coaching hirings and firings as Black Monday is in the rearview mirror in the NFL. John poses the question of which teams underachieved and overachieved, while Dave ponders team building. The guys give their picks for the wildcard round. 


Dave and John break down the mouthwatering Week 16 slate.


Dave and John break down a nice slate of Week 14 matchups, including the NFC South showdown between the Panthers and Saints. The power rankings produce some lively debate as always, and the guys discuss the Mike Tomlin sideline incident and his punishment.


Dave and John run through the packed Week 13 slate, including a massive NFC clash between the Seahawks and Saints. Which AFC 5-6 team can weather the storm and make an improbable playoff push? Plus, the guys discuss young quarterbacks you would start a team with, the overtime rules and some contentious power rankings.


Dave and John go through the Week 12 slate with a fine tooth comb, discuss the increasing protection for quarterbacks and the effects it could have on the game in the long term and give their power rankings as the season approaches its climax.

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Week 11 Picks


Hi everyone,

Due to a schedule clash, we are unable to bring you an episode of the podcast this week. However, our picks for each game are below and we will return next week. Apologies for this; it wasn't how we wanted it to turn out.

Colts @ Titans - Dave: Colts; John: Colts
Falcons @ Buccaneers - Dave: Bucs; John: Bucs
Jets @ Bills - Dave: Jets; John: Jets
Ravens @ Bears - Dave: Bears. John: Bears
Lions @ Steelers - Dave: Steelers; John: Lions
Raiders @ Texans - Dave: Texans; John: Texans
Redskins @ Eagles - Dave: Eagles. John: Eagles
Cardinals @ Jags - Dave: Cardinals. John: Cardinals
Chargers @ Dolphins - Dave: Chargers. John: Chargers
Packers @ Giants - Dave: Giants. John: Giants
Vikings @ Seahawks - Dave: Seahawks; John: Seahawks
49ers @ Saints - Dave: Saints; John: Saints
Chiefs @ Broncos - Dave: Broncos; John: Broncos
Patriots @ Panthers - Dave: Panthers; John: Patriots

Thanks for your continued support. Go Panthers.

Dave Larkin

Week 10 Preview


Dave and John go through the Week 10 slate and break down all the key matchups in the big games. The guys discuss the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation and give their weekly power rankings. 


John and Dave preview the Week 9 slate. Dave rants on the place of kicking in the game and Golden Tate's classless display on Monday night. The guys discuss their power rankings, and debate the merit of Kansas City's 8-0 record. Also, John gives his thoughts on the lack of journalistic integrity on NFL.com. 


Dave and John break down the Week 8 slate of games, chat about the 2014 NFL London match-ups and discuss the current state of the NFL Network.


Dave and John comb through the Week 6 games. How many points will the Broncos win by against the hapless Jaguars? Who are the guys down on at this point in the season? Also, the reaction to Falcons WR Julio Jones possibly missing the remainder of the season.


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